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Shop now for bespoke sewn items

Shop now for bespoke sewn items from Billiwix Designs, made by hand to order and available to ship worldwide. Order today and get a unique gift for someone special.


Independent & handmade items.

Fully bespoke

Made to order — feel free to reach out via phone or email.

Perfect gifts

High quality items for any occasion. The only limit is your imagination!  

Our Products

Shop Now

Browse our range and order today for delivery. Choose from our collections:

-    Bags
-    Children’s clothes
-    Quilts
-    Cushions
-    Bunting
-    Home décor, etc
-    Purses.
-    Childrens / Pets toys.
-    Facemasks
-    Tote bags

-    Christmas items

-    Special occasions

a beautiful bow bag of the beach, will make a lovely unique, handmade birthday gift
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